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26 Jun 19
Customers can choose a mortgage insurance premium running from 10-30 years.
28 May 19
Bupa MyFlexi VHIS Plan offers 270 days hospitalisation coverage.
3 May 19
Gross premiums rose 6% thanks mySalam Scheme contributions.
30 Apr 19
Gross written premiums jumped 8.4% to $40.73b.
26 Apr 19
Policyholders attending a safe driver programme can have additional premium loading cut by 10%.
25 Apr 19
They will also co-create a digital integrated platform for telemedicine claims processing.
15 Apr 19
Policy plans start at S$74.90 per year.
15 Apr 19
This marks its 13th market in Asia.
11 Apr 19
They aim to roll out a lifestyle insurance product for the tourism sector by Q2.
2 Apr 19
It guarantees a payout of 3% per annum for the first 6 years.
1 Apr 19
The insurer will offer personal reimbursement for hospitalisation.
26 Mar 19
The app will let users simulate disaster-related scenarios.
26 Mar 19
The company is China’s first online-only insurer to break the $1.49b premium mark.
22 Mar 19
The firms were previously in talks for a possible $3b sales of SCB Life Insurance.
21 Mar 19
It will optimise AI and real-time data analytics for customer service.
19 Mar 19
This compares to the 4.7% growth in the same period last year.
19 Mar 19
Available products include a personal accident plan and a home insurance plan.
18 Mar 19
Annualised new premiums grew 15% to $6.5b.
18 Mar 19 will provide a 12-month accidental screen damage protection for new mobile phones.
15 Mar 19
The policyholder can get a payout of $89 after an earthquake with an intensity of lower 6 or above hits their neighbourhood.
14 Mar 19
This is Great Eastern’s first foray into esports.
14 Mar 19
Singtel Innov8 and HSBC pitched in.
13 Mar 19
The consortium can provide capacity of up to $225m per risk.
13 Mar 19
The move comes after the Vietnamese government’s plan to privatise SOEs.
8 Mar 19
It is expected to benefit the 500 individuals who work from its locations in Sai Wan and Causeway Bay.
5 Mar 19
Chubb increased its stake in Huatai Insurance Group to 26% from 20%.
4 Mar 19
It aims to launch in Indonesia, Malaysia and Southeast Asia.
28 Feb 19
'Infinite Harvest' guarantees 100% capital from the 10th policy anniversary.
28 Feb 19
Insurance profit skyrocketed to $861m from $62m in 2017.
20 Feb 19
Operating profit growth from Insurance Business countered its decline.
18 Feb 19
The spending tracker platform is expected to launch by mid-2019.
18 Jan 19
Digital Stars will allow customers to pick agents of their choice.
8 Nov 18
Eligible patients who feed intravenously can claim up to $1240 (S$1,700) monthly.
18 Sep 18
The scheme has plans with premiums as low as $1.45.
24 Aug 18
The value of annualised new premiums also hit $290m.
24 Aug 18
The insurer has tied up with healthtech company Doctor Anywhere.
24 Aug 18
The insurer was able to grow its retail customer base to 179 million.
9 Aug 18
Australia represents an attractive market for Japanese insurers amidst shrinking markets back home.
9 Aug 18
China’s deleveraging campaign has prompted the insurer to look for further growth engines.