15 Jan 21
This will grant a daily cash benefit for COVID-19 vaccine hospitalisations.
14 Jan 21
It covers early caesarean deliveries and grants newborns with health insurance cover.
13 Jan 21
The new hires have wide experience in the marine insurance market.
12 Jan 21
Expected reliance on health insurance may leave insurers vulnerable to medical risks.
12 Jan 21
They have been working on materials for elderly clients and high school students.
11 Jan 21
Li Choo Kwek-Perroy will replace Sean Goh effective immediately.
7 Jan 21
Clients can receive approvals via FPS, 7-Eleven or bank transfer.
7 Jan 21
AIA’s increased digital focus should boost client acquisition efforts over time, according to an OCBC report.
5 Jan 21
The insurer has launched a new product tailored to a multi-generational workforce.
5 Jan 21
This is included for clients' Integrated Shield Plan, MyShield and group plans.
4 Jan 21
Risk-based capital ratio of local insurers gained 7.5pp to 283.9%.
24 Dec 20
ZA Tech will provide know-how in innovation and propriety tech.
18 Dec 20
We're taking the time off!
15 Dec 20
Digitalisation and disease-focused plans helped insurers boost value proposition.
15 Dec 20
Manulife has also agreed to a bancassurance partnership with VietinBank.
14 Dec 20
Premiums will be calculated through driver behaviour analysis.
14 Dec 20
Annual limit for the 'elite' module's in-hospital care was upped to $4.5m.
11 Dec 20
The pandemic will still bring short- to long-term changes in the sector.
10 Dec 20
The initial focus would be Malaysia.
8 Dec 20
This was through a partnership with Fi Life.
4 Dec 20
This will allow clients to pay for their insurance through Digi billing.
4 Dec 20
SNACKUP rewards users with stackable coverage in the form of rebates.
3 Dec 20
They were formerly with Aviva and Great Eastern Life, respectively.
3 Dec 20
Capitalisation may have improved but headwinds remain.
3 Dec 20
Shopee Thailand users will have access to the insurtech's XCover platform.
3 Dec 20
AIA Hong Kong clients will enjoy the service next year.
3 Dec 20
AIA Thailand CEO Alger Fung will succeed him.
2 Dec 20
Deadline for submission of entries is on 5 March 2021.
27 Nov 20
Both its general and life businesses posted increases in GWP.
26 Nov 20
It will grant COVID-19 coverage for overseas travel.
23 Nov 20
Average premium income for the big six insurers shrank 1.3% YoY.
20 Nov 20
This follows the pricing of Tier 2 notes at 3.375%.
20 Nov 20
Celia Chan and Daisy Tsang were named to two newly created roles, respectively.
18 Nov 20
It posted a 13% drop in weighted new business premiums in H1 2020.
18 Nov 20
Headwinds such as a sluggish economy and disasters will lower premium earnings.
18 Nov 20
The products grant at least S$30,000 in coverage for medical treatment.
16 Nov 20
However, YTD and Q3 APE both went down 8% and 26% respectively.
11 Nov 20
The Ultra Plan offers the highest medical coverage for pets in the city.
11 Nov 20
Legacy practices subvert their flexibility in handling ESG initiatives.
10 Nov 20
Monthly numbers slipped but YTD figures rose.