In Focus

28 Jul 19
The insurer seeks to build and reinforce brand awareness for direct consumers in key Asia Pacific markets.
9 May 19
The uptake in annual premium buys offset the decrease in single premium product purchases.
19 Mar 19
There were 59 completed M&As last year from 42 in 2017.
13 Mar 19
The move will enhance transparency and reduce risk of mis-selling.
8 Mar 19
Savings type products require higher capital charges and offer less attractive margins.
6 Mar 19
The motor insurance segment’s underwriting profit jumped 137% to $9.96m.
1 Mar 19
This represents the first increase in composite price in four years.
12 Dec 18
Ageing populations will boost demand for long-term investment and health coverage.
17 Aug 18
Insurance firms are bearing the weight of losses brought about by natural disasters.
2 Aug 18
Ping An P&C’s motor insurance service uses image recognition to provide repair estimates based on submitted pictures.
25 Jul 18
Analysts say that the rewards for working in a digital ecosystem are worth the effort.
6 Jul 18
The advisory rate revision will reflect increased losses from natural catastrophe and water leakages.
8 Jun 18
These are commonly structured as short-term savings products.
4 May 18
This represents the gap residents must cover in case of emergencies rendering them unable to work and provide for their families' financial...
26 Jan 18
The “wait and see” attitude is holding back insurers from being early adopters of digital transformation.
19 Sep 17
Are wearables the closest thing to drones in the insurance sector?
18 Sep 17
Insurers are beginning to explore the use of AI.