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China's insurance premiums increase by 5.1% YoY

Year-to-date, the industry’s assets climbed 10.4%.
1 day ago

China's insurance premiums increase by 5.1% YoY

Year-to-date, the industry’s assets climbed 10.4%.
1 day ago

CEO unfolds how Indonesian firms can focus on growth amidst new regulations

Whilst the market drives towards growth, new rules shrink insurer presence.

Global insurance market to see fastest growth in 18 years

The industry bagged $1.2t in premium income in the past three years.

Chinese insurers deem it wise to move to alternative investments

Analysts see new regulations driving a conservative shift as insurers seek stability amidst volatile markets.

India's life insurance market to grow 10% annually

The industry is projected to reach $216.1b by 2028.

Is ‘Londonisation’ good for Asia’s M&A insurance market?

Industry experts dissect the region’s low usage rates for M&A insurance despite more industry players entering the field.

Hong Kong general insurance GWP to reach $10.9b by 2028

Rising consumer prices can affect the industry’s profitability in the short-term.

Pressures mount for less desirable energy insurance placements

Industry experts eye offshore investments as most attractive, yet more expensive.

NZ general insurance GWP to grow 7.3% annually

The industry is seen to climb 8.3% in 2024.

30% of Malaysian millennials grasp insurance basics

66% of Malaysians feel like they can reach their long-term financial goals.

Markel targets professional indemnity market in Australia

Head of professional and financial risks, Kym Beazleigh, explains the game plan in Markel’s strategic expansion.

Vietnam's general insurance to hit $3.9b by 2028

Motor insurance holds the third-largest share in 2023’s GWP.

Natural disasters steer Asia Pacific towards parametric insurance

Swiss Re gives importance to parametric insurance amidst challenges like basis risk and modelling complexities.

InterContinental Singapore is saving insurance for a rainy day

NUS Professor Charoenwong discusses the effectiveness and value of a Singaporean hotel’s rain insurance offer.

Australia's life insurance to grow 5.9% CAGR by 2028

Favourable macroeconomic and demographic factors will be catalysts for its 2024 performance.

How women in power are the key to business success

Industry experts share their thoughts on how women in business can be the ultimate growth driver.